How to Teach Pronunciation (+ CD) Gerald Kelly

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Teacher trainers and trainees Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, A collection of games and activities for elementary students of English. Perfect photocopiable material for busy teachers. The games make use of a variety of techniques. Variety is important in language teaching, and a succession of games based on the same principles, though exciting and novel at first, would soon pall. This book aims to help teachers gain theoretical knowledge and to confirm and extend what they already know.

It also suggest a variety of practical ideas, skills and activities for the classroom. How to Teach Speaking has been written for all teachers of English who wish to improve their knowledge and to develop their classroom skills in this important area. This book deals with such issues as What speakers do; What speakers know; Speaking in another language; Awareness-raising activities; Appropriation activities; Towards autonomy; Clicker training — a dog. Clicker training is an operant conditioning method for training an animal using a clicker, or small mechanical noisemaker, as a marker for behavior.

The method uses positive reinforcement it is reward based. Alphabet of nature ; An extension of phonography to foreign languages ; The essentials of phonetics ; A plea for phonetic spelling 2 изд.

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