Вопросы проектирования цифровых геомагнитных обсерваторий Андрей Воробьев

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Два тома в одной книге: Не рецензия, а напутсвие тем кто ищет умные книги. Книга "Урод рода человеческого". Как создать уникальную историю вашего бренда и сделать ваши продукты неотразимыми: Нетривиальный подход к брендингу.

Сказка "Барбариска" Татьяна Вяткина. Рецензия на повесть "Последняя электричка". Вопросы проектирования цифровых геомагнитных обсерваторий. Авторизуйтесь чтобы писать рецензии. Авторизуйтесь чтобы оставлять комментарии.

This book provides theory and design solutions for synchronization and arbitration hardware in digital systems, which are essential for the efficient processing of input signals and for the reliable working of the system. The author presents detailed circuit solutions for synchronizers and arbiters, both at the circuit and system levels, and he also sets out methods for making real reliability measurements both on and off chip.

Starting with a general discussion of reliability in digital processors, the book goes on to look at the evolution of synchronizer hardware and the concept of a metastable state, where a circuit is caught between a one and a zero. Kinniment then provides the theory and mathematical models, which can be used to estimate mean time between failures MTBF , and for the measurement of metastability and synchronizer reliability.

The book concludes with ideas about designing complex asynchronous arbiters using the methods already presented in the book, and an examination of various types of priority arbiters, including ways of solving many problems encountered in a wide range of applications. So the efficient implementation of these algorithms is critical and is the main goal of this book.

A case study in the first chapter is the basis for more than 40 design examples throughout. The following chapters deal with computer arithmetic concepts, theory and the implementation of FIR and IIR filters, multirate digital signal processing systems, DFT and FFT algorithms, advanced algorithms with high future potential, and adaptive filters. Each chapter contains exercises. This edition has a new chapter on microprocessors, new sections on special functions using MAC calls, intellectual property core design and arbitrary sampling rate converters, and over new exercises.

High-Speed Digital System Design: This book provides a much-needed, practical guide to the state of the art of modern digital system design, combining easily accessible explanations with immensely useful problem-solving strategies. Written by three leading Intel engineers, High-Speed Digital System Design clarifies difficult and often neglected topics involving the effects of high frequencies on digital buses and presents a variety of proven techniques and application examples.

Extensive appendices, formulas, modelitechniques as well as hundreds of figures are also provided.

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