The Last of the Mohicans + CD (Level 4) by James Fenimore Cooper Cooper J.F.

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This book was a blow by blow book of adventure. I really liked it. It is a great book. No movie does it justice. I recommend it to anyone. The narration was incomprehensible. The story I had read some 50 years ago and hoped to relive the pleasure as an adult. This book was terrible. It was long, repetitive, boring. The action bits were few and far between, but in-between was nothing.

I would recommend this book to someone who really takes an interest in Indian stories, but not to someone who just wants a good solid read. Get Free eBooks and book bargains from ManyBooks in your inbox. Once again, Cora Munro is kidnapped. This final chase continues through to Chapter 32, at which point the climax of the novel occurs: Their murders bring a close to the action.

The novel then closes with their funerals, going on to express sadness for the decline of the Indians and the death of the last of the Mohicans. There are several major characters in the novel. The first is Hawkeye, also known by the following names: He is the hero of the novel, and his main strength is his ability to adjust himself to the difficult life of frontier America as well as bridge the gap between Indian and white culture.

His ability to bridge that gap is the result of his being biracial. However, there are some problems for Hawkeye. On one hand, he cherishes individuality, within himself and others, and often makes judgment calls without giving any thought to race. Yet, on the other hand, he often seems to be obsessed with his own whiteness. Also, while he clearly supports interracial friendship, he is definitely against interracial relationships of a sexual nature.

The second major character is Magua. An Indian of the Huron tribe, he is the villain of the novel. His ultimate goal is to get revenge against Commander Munro, who had him exiled. Thus, Cooper uses Magua as a way to represent the fear white men had of minority races attempting to marry their women. Although he is motivated by revenge when he kidnaps Cora Munro, Magua also shows a sensitive side by refusing to harm her in any way.

This demonstration of sensitivity allows Magua to become a villain that can be loved as well as hated.

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