Little Women (аудиокурс на CD) Louisa May Alcott

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Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 39 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 21 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 44 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 42 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 31 Louisa May Alcott Little Women 4 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 28 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 2 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 29 Louisa May Alcott Little Women 15 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 11 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 17 Louisa May Alcott Little Women 7 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women 12 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 22 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 12 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 30 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 35 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 4 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 26 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 20 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 45 Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 41 Louisa May Alcott Little Women 14 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women 3 1: Louisa May Alcott Little Women - chapter 18 The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

Heart of Darkness by Joesph Conrad. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Beyond Lies the Wub by Philip K. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Middlemarch by George Eliot. The Great Gatsby by F. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. A Room with a View by E. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Iliad by Homer. We must visit the Hummels. You must go yourself, Beth. Then she must visit the Hummels. An hour passed, but Amy did not come home.

Meg and Jo went upstairs. Meg looked at a new dress. Jo wrote a story. They forgot about the Hummels. At last, she put on her coat. She put some food in a basket and she went out. Meg and Jo did not see her leaving. She did not speak to anybody. An hour later, Jo found Beth. And she was crying. She was holding a bottle of medicine.

The baby was very ill. Mrs Hummel went to get the doctor. I held the baby in my arms, but it died. Drink some of this. Suddenly, Jo was afraid. Then the doctor spoke to Meg and Jo. The doctor left the house. Jo spoke to Meg. Marmee must stay in Washington. We must not tell her about Beth.

Beth went there every day. And now she has scarlet fever. Oh, Meg, what are we going to do? But she will get better soon. Now we must take care of her. Meg and Jo took care of Beth. The days passed and she did not get better. Beth could not eat. She slept for many hours.

Sometimes she was awake, but she could not remember things. Jo and Meg were worried and afraid. One morning, the two girls were talking. Then she will come home.

She sat down and she wrote the words for a telegram. But that afternoon, a letter arrived from Mrs March. There was bad news in the letter. Mr March was very ill again.

Meg and Jo read the letter. They looked at each other. Marmee must stay with him. A week later, it was the first day of December. The weather was very cold. The wind blew all day and snow fell.

In the morning, Dr Bangs visited the house. He looked at Beth for a long time. Then he spoke to Meg and Jo. I will come back tonight. Jo put on her coat and hat and she ran outside. Laurie was walking towards the house. He was holding a letter in his hand. He was very happy and excited. Your father is getting better now. Where are you going? She is very, very ill. Thank you very much. We were very worried about her. We sent a telegram to your mother. Today, I received this letter from John Brooke.

Your mother will be here early tomorrow morning. Then everything will be all right. Jo was happy again. She told Meg the good news. Meg was very happy too.

The afternoon passed slowly. Beth lay in her bed. Her eyes were closed. She did not eat or speak. Sometimes she drank some water. Meg and Jo sat by her bed.

The wind blew and the snow fell. At last, night came. Meg and Jo watched Beth. They waited for Mrs March. And they waited for Doctor Bangs. Old Mr Laurence and Laurie waited too. They sat downstairs in the living-room. They sat by the fire. She looked out at the garden. There was thick snow everywhere.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. Then the door opened and Dr Bangs came into the room. Dr Bangs looked at Beth. He held her hands. There is no more danger.

Meg and Jo put their arms round each other and they cried. They were very, very happy. Soon it was morning. The sisters heard the sound of a carriage in the street.

Then Laurie called from the living-room. Your mother is here! She wanted to see her family. Aunt March was an old lady. She did not like young girls. Sometimes she was angry with Amy. Every evening, Amy had to read to Aunt March. They were not very interesting. One evening, Aunt March spoke to Amy. She will take you home tomorrow. Soon the four sisters were together again. And every day, Beth was stronger. One day, a letter came from Washington. It was from John Brooke.

Mrs March read the letter. It was a week before Christmas. The March sisters were very busy and excited. They made Christmas presents. And they cooked delicious food for Christmas Day. In the evening, Jo spoke to her mother. John Brooke loves Meg. In the summer, Meg lost a glove. John Brooke found it and he put it in his pocket. He was very kind and helpful in Washington. He loves Meg very much. But Meg is young.

She is only seventeen. You will meet a good man and you will marry him. I want to be a famous writer. At last it was Christmas Day. Everybody had some presents. Everybody talked and everybody laughed. Then, somebody knocked at the front door.

Laurie went to the door. A moment later, he came back into the living-room. He was very excited. A tall man was standing behind Laurie.

Everybody looked at the man. For a moment, they did not speak. All the sisters ran to their father. They put their arms round him. Everybody was talking and crying. Then another man came into the room. It was John Brooke. Meg ran to towards him.

You have brought Father home to us! Then the Laurences and John Brooke went home. The March family sat by the fire. Mr March looked at the faces of his four happy daughters. You had to work very hard. I left home and you were girls. Now you have grown up. You are four fine women. Every day, Mr March and Beth were stronger. Laurie and old Mr Laurence often visited the Marches. But John Brooke did not come with them. She wanted to see John very much. Jo saw an umbrella by the front door.

He has forgotten it. Do you love him? Are you going to marry him? Jo looked out of the window. He must go away. She wanted to hide in her bedroom. But it was too late. John Brooke came into the house!

I left it here. Jo went upstairs and Meg started to follow. But John Brooke stopped her. Meg sat down and John Brooke sat beside her. He held her hand. I am poor, but I can work hard. I can make a good home for you. Please, Meg, will you be my wife? At first, Meg did not speak. Meg and John were very surprised. Aunt March was surprised too! What are you talking about?

Aunt March looked angrily at John Brooke. You have no money. Meg must marry a man with money. Will you marry me? You will never get any money from me. Meg and John told the March family their good news. She was not happy. Later, Laurie and Mr Laurence came to the house. They congratulated Meg and John. Now John Brooke will take her away. She is your sister. But John loves her too. Meg will be happy with John. Jo looked round the room. She looked at her family.

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