Культура тканей кукурузы Юлия Долгих

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This book comprehensively covers modern soft tissue pathology and includes both tumors and non-neoplastic entities. Soft tissues make up a large bulk of the human body, and they are susceptible to a wide range of diseases.

Many soft-tissue tumors are biologically very aggressive, and the chance of them metastasizing to vital organs is quite high. All methods of diagnosis are covered here, with an emphasis on the newest immunoassays and other genetic, molecular, and immunologic diagnostic modalities.

The book covers both the most common tumor entities and more unusual diseases using more than 1, color images, making it a resource for beginning and senior pathologists. Есть более 5-х шт. This book is an authoritative, concise reference, prepared by authors from 28 countries. It contains more than colour photographs, numerous MRIs, ultrasound images, CT scans, charts and approximately references.

Diagnostic criteria, pathological features and associated genetic alterations are described in a strictly disease-oriented manner. Sections on all recognized neoplasms and their variants include new ICD-O codes, incidence, age and sex dis ribution, location, clinical signs and symptoms, pathology, genetics and predictive factors.

Part of the highly regarded Diagnostic Pathology series, this updated volume by Matthew Lindberg, MD, is a visually stunning, easy-to-use reference covering all aspects of soft tissue pathology.

Outstanding images - including gross pathology, a wide range of stains, and detailed medical illustrations - make this an invaluable diagnostic aid for every practicing pathologist, resident, or fellow.

Packed with even more high-resolution images than the previous edition - more than 2, images in all - it clearly depicts not only the key features of each tumor, but also the wide array of histologic variants. Helps you save time identifying and diagnosing pathology specimens. Part of the "High-Yield Pathology" series, this title is designed to help you review the key pathologic features of bone and soft-tissue malformations, recognize the classic look of each disease, and quickly confirm your diagnosis.

A reference on the diagnosis of tumors of the skeletal muscles, connective tissue, fat, and related structures. This book correlates the microscopic findings with the advanced developments in molecular biology, cytogenetics, and immunohistochemistry.

It provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to evaluation and diagnosis. Provides basic assessment of neuromuscular conditions and an overview of techniques specific to deep tissue massage. Разработаны теоретические основы клеточной селекции растений, толерантных к абиотическим стрессам.

Получены растения кукурузы с повышенной устойчивостью к засухе, засолению и неблагоприятным температурам. Книга предназначена для научных работников и селекционеров. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Культура тканей кукурузы Юлия Долгих.

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