Бытие в мире зрелищ. Яна Крыжановская

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В форме игр, обрядов, некоторых явлений сказочного фольклора, в виде фольклорного театра и более позднего самодеятельного театра зрелищная культура является важнейшей частью духовных традиций этого народа, без которой нельзя создать представление о его культурно-историческом облике. Рост этнического самосознания возродил интерес к истокам традиционной культуры и настоятельно требует научного осмысления как современного состояния национальной самодеятельности, проблем фольклоризма, омассовленного творчества аборигенов, так и первоэлементов театрально-зрелищной культуры.

Предлагаемое исследование традиционных зрелищных форм носит системный культурологический характер. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Бытие в мире зрелищ Яна Крыжановская. Предложений от участников по этой книге пока нет. Хотите обменяться, взять почитать или подарить? Премия лондонского центра русского языка и культуры "Пушкинский дом" Pushkin House Трудно рассказать об этой книги и не затронуть подробно сюжет, но я постараюсь. О чем эта книга Время от времени я прочитываю какой-нибудь детектив российских женщин-писательниц.

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Taste 5, years of brewing history as a time-travelling home-brewer rediscovers and re-creates the great beers of the past.

Baylis, John; Wirtz, James J. Knight Cher Krause Название: A great read and a real contribution to Disney literature and the Disney World experience. Senie, author of" The "Tilted Arc" Controversy: Knight investigates every detail, from the scale and design of the buildings to the sidewalk infrastructure to which items could and could not be sold in the shops, discussing how each was carefully configured to shape the experience of every visitor.

Expertly weaving themes of pilgrimage, paradise, fantasy, and urbanism, she delves into the unexpected nuances and contradictions of this elaborately conceived playland of the imagination. Gardner Howard, Davis Katie Название: Living in a Microbial World is a textbook written for students taking a general microbiology or microbiology-themed course for non-science majors.

It teaches the essential concepts of microbiology through practical examples and a conversational writing style intended to make the material accessible to a wide audience. In order to make the science relevant to students, every chapter of the book contains a series of cases intended to motivate learning the microbiology concepts. The cases present microbiology in the news, in history, in literature, and in scenarios of everyday life.

Each case ends with several questions intended to pique student interest, and those questions are answered in the next section of the chapter. By clearly and succinctly explaining the fundamentals of microbiology through practical examples, the book provides a scientific framework through which students can understand critical issues about microorganisms and disease that they will encounter throughout their lives. They will learn the role that microorganisms play not only in our health but also in ecosystem processes, our diet, industrial production, and human history.

Topics that we hear about every day, from global warming to energy independence to bioterrorism, all have a microbial angle. This text is designed to provide the reader with the background needed to understand and discuss such topics with a genuine understanding rooted in science. Online Student Flash Cards. In the wake of revelations about National Security Agency activities-many of which occur "in the cloud"-this book offers both enlightenment and a critical view.

Cloud computing and big data are arguably the most significant forces in information technology today.

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