BEC Higher Testbuilder (+ CD-ROM) Anthea Bazin and Elaine Boyd

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Neither the texts themselves nor the questions seem appreciably different from those of the real exam going by the examples in the official Cambridge BEC Higher handbook.

Secondly, the answer key is comprehensive and thorough- not merely giving the correct answers, but explaining why they are so.

It is a two-pager, focusing on that particular part of the reading test in some detail and posing questions aimed at developing awareness and instilling habits of analysis. The alternative would be to have included these sections after every part of every test making 24 sections , each building on the last.

Perhaps the authors felt this would be repetitive or unnecessary- but then there would of course be no obligation to read them all. These are interesting enough for the casual teacher, and it is quite possible to read both texts and questions satisfactorily on the train to work, if your tight schedule forbids a more through perusal!

All parts are covered. In fact, the part 1 practice tests here could be used with IELTS classes, perhaps to provide a bit of variety. The support material is good. Students are asked to classify these, plus their attendant adverbs, arranging the latter in terms of degree or speed of change.

There then follows a few questions and a sample answer. My advice is to act like a weather man, prodding enthusiastically at example charts drawn on the board by students, eliciting descriptions from others.

The only caveat is to avoid making yourself the only one in the room who appears enthused! Clearly, at 2 pages long a go, these are not intended to teach how to write. They do, however, provide concise revision material and as such are useful. Alternatively, those teaching short courses may appreciate the no-nonsense approach and pithy advice.

It would also, of course, be possible to flesh out or adapt the exercises. The listening and speaking sections are similarly catered for, with mock-exam papers interspersed at certain points with exercises for developing exam skills. BEC Listening is divided into three parts. Firstly, there is a single monologue a speech or presentation with sentence completion tasks which involves listening for specific information.

Part two brings a series of five short monologues, accompanied by two sets of multiple-matching questions i. Finally, candidates listen to a long up to 5 minute dialogue in which two businessmen talk shop. Here, 3-way multiple choice questions test for ability to identify ideas and opinions. As you can see, all question types are standardised and predictable like FCE etc, but unlike IELTS , so it is quite easy to find specific examples for exam practice.

As for the included audio CD itself, those familiar with EFL listening materials are in for no surprises. Certainly, neither the narrator nor the bright and breezy actors loose marks for clarity of expression, even with the variety of accents on show. But, as in most EFL recordings, the speech seems artificial, with exaggerated stress on content words and a lack of hesitation, inhibition and changing-mind-mid-sentence, which are all common features of real speech affecting vocabulary and grammar.

On the one hand, the recordings are true enough to the exam, and this approach makes for clarity; on the other, both students and teachers may be irritated by the neatly-scripted, cleanly-delivered speeches.

There is a good selection of idioms and figurative language e. None involve the audio CD itself, instead referring the reader to transcripts. These are fairly standard, but eminently useable.

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Заказать работу Обсудить цену и условия. Отзывы , авторы , цены и гарантии. Anthea Bazin and Elaine Boyd Издательство: Macmillan Publishers Limited Страниц: Все пособия этой серии идеально подходят как для аудиторной работы, так и для самостоятельной подготовки к экзамену.

Издания с ответами содержат не только сами ответы, но и объяснения, почему выбранные ответы являются правильными. Новое в русской лексике Лексикология.

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