A Time to Kill: Level 5 (+ CD) John Grisham

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Отсканированные страницы Аудио кодек: Level 5 B2 Upper-Intermediante Словарный запас: Ten-year old Tonya Hailey is attacked by two white men, and they are quickly arrested. Can Jake Brigance, an ambitious young lawyer, defend Carl Lee and save his life? A legal thriller adapted into a film starring Samual L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey. Десятилетняя Тоня Хейли атакована двумя белыми мужчинами, и они быстро арестованы.

Отец девочки, Карл Ли Хейли, стреляет и убивает этих двух насильников и приговорен к смерти. Сможет ли, Джейк Бригэнс, амбициозный молодой адвокат, защитить Карла Ли и спасти его жизнь? Юридический триллер, по которому снят фильм, в главных ролях Сэмуэл Л. Джексон и Мэттью Макконехи. After being returned to her family, the father, Carl Lee Hailey, instantly vows revenge - despite both men being put on trail for this crime.

Carl Lee knows he killed them. His lawyer knows he killed them. The whole town knows he killed them. After all, he did it in the open and in full view of the town. From this point on, John Grisham goes back and forth writing some story here, and describing the court system there, then some more story, then some more facts, and so on. Impressively, he writes in a way that is not very preachy - considering the controversial aspects of the story.

As far as the plot is concerned, it shows the ups and downs that Jake Brigance will go through in one of his first notable trials. At one point, Carl Lee even fires Jake and hires a big city lawyer. Of course, this is only a temporary setback. A Time to Kill shows in detail how juries are chosen. We see how each side tries to out maneuver the other in choosing the perfect jury - "perfect" being a relative term.

This is one of the many highlights that Grisham will teach us about the court system. And he does it without sacrificing the delicate story. Towards the end of the novel, when the plot comes back into full focus - it is time for the verdict. You will be torn as to what will happen, as Grisham did a very good job of keeping us in suspense. The ending will not be spoiled here. This novel - for Grisham at least - tends to be more descriptive than usual.

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