Процессно-ориентированное бюджетирование в промышленной компании Елена Манюшко und Александр Бородин

У нас вы можете скачать книгу Процессно-ориентированное бюджетирование в промышленной компании Елена Манюшко und Александр Бородин в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

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Я читал эту книгу. Рецензии Отзывы Цитаты Где купить. Как жить без завышенных ожиданий, здраво оценивать свои возможности и преодолевать трудности. Как избавиться от лишнего и обогатить свою жизнь.

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Written by world-renowned experts in their fields, this book presents the basic principles of industrial heat transfer enhancement. It introduces enhancement techniques and how they work, especially in the industrial environment. The contributors present the information in an interesting manner, using illustrations and definitions to enhance the text.

They also include their own theoretical and practical results. Serving as a reference and guide for future research, this book presents a complete approach, from redesigning equipment to the use of nanofluids in industry.

Proven strategy for reducing production and operating costs while increasing profits As the growth of the Internet shifts power to consumers, the pressure on companies to keep prices low will continue to mount. Increasingly corporations are relying on "margin management" and supply chain management as a means of keeping prices low while raising profits.

He is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author. This text leads beginning and intermediate programmers step-by-step through the difficult aspects of scientific coding, providing a comprehensive survey of object-oriented methods. Numerous aspects of modern programming practice are covered, including object-oriented analysis and design tools, numerical analysis, scientific graphics, software engineering, performance issues and legacy software reuse.

Examples and problems are drawn from an extensive range of scientific and engineering applications. The book also includes a full set of free programming and scientific graphics tools that facilitate individual learning and reduce the time required to supervise code development in a classroom setting. This unique text will be invaluable both to students taking a first or second course in computational science and as a reference text for scientific programmers.

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